Do you remember when was the last time Microsoft provided such deep details of its company structure? Wait don’t answer that, because the company recently talked about this in depth at its financial analyst meet.

As part of its financial analyst day yesterday, chief operating officer, Kevin Turner provided the audience with a neat little glimpse of just how big each Microsoft division was, and how much revenue they generated.

Turner revealed that 55 percent of Microsoft’s revenue now comes from its enterprise customers.

Consumer business accounted for 20 percent of the pie — and a further 19 percent from OEM partners. That leaves round about 6 percent of the revenue that the technology titan generates from small and medium sized businesses (SMEs).

Breaking the numbers down into each division, Turner said that 32 percent of the revenue comes from the company’s Office division. The Servers and Tools unit is not far behind at 26 percent, putting it neck to neck with the Windows division, which is at 25 percent.

Around 13 percent of the money that the Redmond Empire generates comes from its Entertainment and Devices division — which also includes the Xbox business.

Bing and online services factor in with a mere 4 percent of the total revenue.

The COO topped it off by confirming that the US and Canada dominate when it comes to markets. 44 percent of the money Microsoft generates comes from these two countries combined, which leaves the rest of the world contributing the remaining 56 percent.

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