As long as there are no consumer causalities, a bit of a skirmish between technology titans is good entertainment. Microsoft and Google, however, are on the path of a full blown war, it seems.

Google, as we reported earlier today, once again blocked the YouTube app that Microsoft created for Windows Phone users. And it was said that both companies were collaborating on this mobile app, after the first version was blocked due to violation of the terms of service.

And now Microsoft has published a letter that slams Google and their antics of blocking the app.

It is quick, it is lengthy, and it is lethal — Microsoft has nicely worded how it feels, and claims that the reason the app has been blocked is are manufactured solely to shut down Microsoft’s application.

The search engine giant says that it blocked the app because it did not use HTML5 for the foundation of the application. Microsoft says that this was a rather strange request, considering the apps that Google created for iOS and Android are not in HTML5.

Not to mention coding such an app in HTML5 would take an awfully long time.

Redmond absolutely nailed it this time, and the letter is an interesting read, though the company does take swipes at the search engine giant between the lines for matters other than the YouTube app.

Your say on this, friends and neighbors? Let’s hear it!

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  1. Whatever happened to “Don’t be evil”?

  2. Google hadn’t been “evil” only because they never felt threatened. As soon as Microsoft showed itself to be competition they do what ALL big companies (including Microsoft, Apple, Google, ets.) do, “be evil” using strong-arm tactics and bullying their competitor(s). After following the development between Microsoft and Google for a while, I am disheartened at the peoples reaction to it. Many feel that the wrong Google is doing towards Microsoft is somehow justified because Microsoft had done (or continues to do) wrong in the past. They are continually in a state of “Aaaah, finally, payback” towards Microsoft. Accept that it does not help the consumers at all. People need to stop defending Google’s bad practices just because Microsoft had done something that was equally heinous in the past.

    No “evil” should be excused by the consumers. Microsoft had done it, Apple had done it, Google is doing it now, and there should be not justification for it.

    Apple had lost my respect when they had raised their heel against Adobe, and I didn’t even like Adobe.
    Google had my respect – until it started acting like a spoiled bully – and no tech community should tolerate it, justify it or excuse it.

    • Well put, very well put!

    • I totally agree. This double-standard or the “it’s ok if you’re doing it to Microsoft” mentality is not helping consumers. And all these companies that are supposedly not “evil” would be and are doing things exactly as Microsoft did in the past when the opportunity is presented.

      • Please don’t hold what I did in the past against me, I did my time and I’ve changed. Please judge me by what I do now. Thank You.

    • Oh Jesus, and I’m here, only allowed to upvote this post one single time.

      You just expressed my feelings. All competition between those companies is only good to the consumers, and all those people cheering each time Microsoft takes the stick can’t realize that, as soon as MS is gone, we’ll be all in the hands of Google, even if we can take shelter on Linux as an OS.

  3. How could Google say they didn’t know anything about how the Microsoft app was designed if they were supposedl working so closely on it?

  4. Rodney Longoria / August 16, 2013 at 9:09 am /Reply

    “Two wrongs don’t make a right”, as we’ve all heard before. Supposedly, Google was working closely with Microsoft but obviously not or it wouldn’t have come to this (at least, during development instead of after the launch). The fact that NO YouTube app is done with HTML5 thus far, is the smoking gun. Maybe that’s in the works for Google in the near future but until then, they are holding Microsoft to a higher standard than they are to themselves. Microsoft should’ve had a HTML5 version ready (since they are pushing HTML5 so much to developers), and then elbow-slammed Google with an “Alrighty, here you go!”

    I wouldn’t be surprised if the FTC gets involved in this, or should.


  5. Leaving Google service just as fast as I can. Done with Android going to Windows 8 as soon as the phone gets here! Desktop, check, Surface RT, Check, Windows phone, Check. Goodbye Google……

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