Microsoft rolling out Windows 8.1 gradually across user base

Microsoft is rolling out Windows 8.1 gradually across their user base.

We have gotten complaints that some users are unable to see the update yet and the ISO files will be available tomorrow…

You can head over to Microsoft’s website to start downloading the Windows 8.1 Preview right now.

The Preview release will be open to all users sometime today or tomorrow, but so far Microsoft has only enabled downloads for users of Windows 8 — though we haven’t been able to see the update on every computer that we tested it on.

Those users can begin getting the update by visiting Microsoft’s website and initiating a small update for Windows itself. Afterward, the device will restart and direct users to the Windows Store where an update to the 8.1 Preview release is available to download.

Microsoft says that the full release should be open to everyone sometime soon.

  • 1stkorean

    ISO files are not yet available that is on tje website at 1819 hrs PDT 6.26.2013 and it has been that way all day. As always MS was ill prepared for this release and is again sporting a Black Eye.

  • Edward Allen

    I wonder what 8.1 has to offer versus 8?

  • Rodney Longoria

    Well, I’ve tried to download this 5 times thus far from two different wi-fi spots and three different LAN’s, and I have not been able to get past 44% yet, no matter what I try to do.

    Has anyone else had similar issues regarding the download? Frustrating, to say the least!