Skype is more popular than ever, but a few niggles remain in the communication platform. There are certain issues with Skype notifications, for example, that have been pointed out by users.

And you can now rest assured — Microsoft have finally developed a fix.

Not just a fix, mind you. The company has completely overhauled the Skype notifications system and make them work properly, the way they should. Active Endpoint support is something that is now being introduced. It sends chat notifications only to the device you are currently using.

I can almost hear millions of voices sighing in relief.

The company detailed these upcoming changes in a post on the official Skype blog, explaining that with this new system in place whenever you are messaging someone on a device, all your other devices will remain silent. Blissfully silent, the company says.

And as soon as you stop actively using Skype on a particular device, your notifications will immediately become less focused, in order to ensure that the latest messages are delivered to you.

This new change applies only to chat notifications, not incoming call alerts.

A few niggle still remain with the service, particularly relating to free Skype credit that Microsoft gives away to users and subscribers. Hopefully these issues are resolved in due time too.

The company has confirmed that the rollout of this new update has begun, and is set to continue over the next few weeks. Just make sure you are on the latest version of Skype on all your devices. Simple as.

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  • Misterbear Fapp

    That is not a Windows tablet, and what the hell is wrong with their thumb?

  • Claire R

    Skype gets even better. I am pretty honest about Microsoft products for the most part, and I think Skype is far and away the best Microsoft has to offer after Office of course.

  • Ray C

    Nice update