Microsoft Rolls Out Emotional New Clip About How It Changes Lives

Microsoft is one of the few companies in the world that can uniquely talk about how its products and services can, and have, changed lives. And this new commercial does just that.

This brand new video rolled out today explains how Windows, Windows Phone and Skype impact people. Borrowing the same theme from the Super Bowl 2014 commercials this year, this new ad also talks about empowering people.

It shows the story of high school graduates that are about to leave their families and move to college campuses, and how Microsoft’s technologies can help them stay in touch.

Give the video a watch below:

Part of Microsoft’s Back to School campaign for this year, this clip is titled “College Bound”, and showcases everything from emailing, messaging and Skype via Windows Phone.

Less an ad, more a promotional video, this shows the company at its strongest, and is another win for Redmond in terms of presentation. Sure, a few other technology companies can lay to similar claims, but these type of videos are always welcome.

Give it a watch above, and share your thoughts on the clip below.

  • Ray C

    Great commercial

    • Fahad Ali

      It really is. Not sure if it’ll run on television, though, but pretty neat effort.