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Reading List is one of the more (perhaps even the most, depending on who is doing the talking) interesting new features of Windows 8.1. This new application allows users to bookmark online content and specific links for later viewing.

All the bookmarked content is available in one easily accessible location.

And now, soon after Microsoft released the first updates for Windows 8.1 Preview, this app has also received the first set of improvements.

Microsoft has not mentioned the changes it made to Windows Reading List in the accompanying release notes, but it stands to reason that this new build likely packs performance and stability improvements to repair bugs and other such issues found in the first build.

Redmond is said to be actively collecting user feedback and bug reports for pretty much all elements of the public preview of Windows 8.1. And the software titan regularly rolls out updates for the OS as well as the built-in apps right off the oven.

This particular update is delivered via the integrated Windows Store, for both desktop computers and laptops running Windows 8.1 and tablets that are powered by Windows RT 8.1.

Obviously, users that are running the public preview version of Windows 8.1 with default settings can have new versions of this, and all other apps, automatically deployed.

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