Things are new in Redmond this year. New faces, new leaders, new determination, and by the looks of it, plenty of new approach. With the bulk of its reorganization almost done, the company is now looking to take care of the business side of things.

And nothing screams business than marketing.

Now admittedly, Microsoft’s marketing efforts (commercials, really) have been equally hit and miss. There have been some really great ads, and a few absolute stinkers. Most of them have been serviceable, if not spectacular.

But serviceable in this day and age only gets you this far — and now there is talk that the technology titan is now ready to completely overhaul its marketing strategy.

According to industry sources, Microsoft is currently in the process of taking proposals and bids from advertising agencies. Advertising agencies that would love a slice of the annual $1 billion that Microsoft spends on media buys worldwide.

The company is now said to be looking to hire just one or two ad agencies that will handle 80 percent of this work, going forward. At the same time, it wants to run broader campaign themes for both consumers and businesses.

This means, less ads that focus on a specific product, like the Surface tablet for instance, and more for an overall Windows campaign.

Rumors are that company officials have already met with a few candidates, with the final decision expected in April. That puts it just in time for the Back to School and then the Holiday season.

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  1. I’m all cool with new marketing strategies, as long as it includes things like Samsung did at the Oscars. Why does Microsoft have no paid celebrity endorsers? Why are they not making sure their devices are used on award shows, home improvement display kiosk, music videos, movies, talk shows, celeb twitter feeds, and when celebs are on the red carpet or out and about. They need to be making cool people show off their cool products.

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