Well, no one can blame Microsoft for not putting all its weight behind anything it gets into. Redmond marked its arrival into the hardware field late last year, and now it prepares to fully transition into a devices and services firm.

Wearable computing, however, is a field the technology titan wants to enter just alongside its immediate competitors like Google and Apple — no delays this time around. And now there are reports that Microsoft is testing prototypes of a device that is said to be quite similar to Google Glass.

Internet connected eyewear is really in, it seems.

The Wall Street Journal reveals that this new device is being prepared to challenge Google Glass, though specific details are not provided, it is reasonable to expect that eyewear carrying the Microsoft logo may not see daylight until at least 2014.

But Redmond’s focus on wearable devices is not exactly new, of course.

The company is already said to be well into development of a Windows powered smartwatch that is reportedly equipped with a touch enabled display. Again, most of this stuff has been kept under wraps, with only minor details leaking out.

However, there is also a distinct possibility that this Google Glass rival could actually be a part of the company’s Xbox lineup and, in fact, be a gaming device — or at least with some gaming purpose in mind. Microsoft did recently file patents for a head mounted display designed for gaming.

But whatever becomes of it, expect to hear progress on this front in the months to come.

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  • Rodney Longoria

    My prescription glasses (I cannot wear contacts) are bad enough and these I fear, would be much too distracting for me. However, it’s cool that Microsoft is doing something to keep up with the Joneses, I suppose. This should be great for the porn industry … LOL!

    • Mike Greenway

      I think the biggest resulting growth industry will be auto insurance.