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Big is in! It appears that the Surface Pro tablet lineup is on the right track, as Microsoft is said to be hard at work on expanding it with some notable new models.

Notable, in the sense that a new and bigger device could soon be made official.

This report claims that Redmond is pleased with the Surface Pro 3 sales, and the company is thinking about releasing an even larger tablet — something in the range of 13 or 14 inches of screen size. And that is because the technology titan wants to make the most of consumer interest in larger slates.

The currently available Surface Pro 3, obviously, features a 12-inch display.

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Microsoft has made it no secret that it has positioned the Surface Pro 3 as a business device, specifically developed for professionals and power users.

The hefty price tag of up to $1,950 in the United States for the top of the range models is evidence enough that the tablet is not aimed at the consumer market. The same will be the case with the even larger Surface Pro slate, the abovementioned report states, if it does make it to the market.

Word is that this device could be released alongside Windows 10 in spring 2015.

Rumors for now, and not from a very reliable source.

But interesting nevertheless.

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  1. Microsoft I am still waiting for the Surface Mini. Please don’t make me buy a mini Android device.

    • If they can fit in an Intel Core M processor into a Surface Mini and manage to price it right, I think Microsoft may have a win on their hands.

      Leave the Intel Atom for others on an 8-inch form factor.

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