Foursquare sure has been in the news this week. The social company recently unleashed its dedicated app for the Windows 8 platform, but it appears that its collaboration with Redmond is poised to go one step further.

A new report states that Microsoft may be looking to make a strategic investment in the popular service that allows users to document their travels by checking in to locations (virtually, of course) using a mobile website, text messages or apps.

This short and sweet tweet from Dina Bass reveals that negotiations are underway:

“Microsoft is discussing a strategic investment in Foursquare, sources tell us.”

This is still a rumor for now, but Dina does have a pretty solid track record when it comes to Microsoft news, so don’t be surprised to find something cooking.

But if true, it could be a pretty neat move for Microsoft. The technology titan has in the past partnered with growing platforms. And one of its best such deals in terms of value is the $240 million investment it poured into Facebook.

Soon, this little move became a key stroke for the company, as this close collaboration with the social networking giant allowed Redmond to integrate Bing into some of Facebook’s search queries — forging the way to cement the search engine as a solid alternative to Google’s search supremacy.

Expect to hear more on this interesting new development the near future.

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