So you guys may have heard the little news that Facebook has snapped up the company behind the Oculus VR (virtual reality) headset for a ballooned up sum of $2 billion.

Ballooned up, because, Microsoft too has paid up to $150 million for acquiring the assets of a wearable computing company. Reportedly, that is. So while this transaction is not quite on the same wave length or scale as the Facebook acquisition, it still is very interesting.

According to this report over at TechCrunch, Microsoft is said to have forked out $100 to $150 million to buy some assets from the Osterhout Design Group.

This move is not exactly out of the blue, as whispers of Redmond’s interest in the company were first heard back in September. This deal, by the looks of it, closed in November, with Microsoft becoming the new owner of 81 patents previously owned by OSG.

Official comments from either companies are yet to surface.

But it is easy to see why Microsoft would have invested in this ever expanding domain. Both augmented reality and wearable devices are cited as the next frontier, new horizon of computing technology.

There are even rumors that Redmond is developing its own VR technology for the Xbox line of consoles.

Nevertheless, OSG is still a separate, functioning entity right now — it only sold some patents and assets, nothing more. The above report makes it clear that it is continuing its research and development of wearable computing products, based on new patents, obviously.

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  • Ray C

    I say they buy up all the wearable, VR, and other future technology based companies they can

  • Bill Franklin

    This is a big investment in a specific technology. Before I see the technology, it’s hard for me to say whether or not it’s a wise investment, but I think it can be good for gaming or movies maybe, but a novelty outside of that.

  • Jake

    The picture doesn’t make it look very comfortable and I’m afraid I’d get a headache or eye pain from using that device on a regular basis. Hopefully I’m proven wrong, but I don’t have high hopes for this.