Microsoft says "Get off Windows XP ASAP"

Microsoft have started to ring the bells for users who feel they can stay on Windows XP forever.

Patch, general and security support for Windows XP will cease in 998 days.

Announcing the end game, Stephen Rose, Microsoft’s senior community manager, said that the operating system – which is now 10 years old – has had an amazing run and millions of PC users are grateful for it.

“But it’s time to move on. Two reasons: 1) Extended support for Windows XP is running out in less than 1000 days, and 2) there’s an OS out there that’s much better than Windows XP”, he said in a blog posting.

“On April 8, 2014, security patches and hotfixes for all versions of Windows XP will no longer be available. So bottom line, PC’s running Windows XP will be vulnerable to security threats”, he added.

He urges users to “act quickly because time is limited, and organisations that have not started deployment or in the early phases of the project need to accelerate.”

“According to a recent Garter report `more than 50% of organisations that do not start deploying Windows 7 by early 2012 will not complete their deployments before Windows XP support ends, and will incur increased support costs”, he asserts.

Internet user response to the news has been negative.

The truth is, 998 days is almost 3 years.

Hard to get a fire under people’s butts for something that will happen (maybe) in 998 days.

Stay tuned for a blog post for me about message confusion regarding OS migration in the next few days…

  • Tuffy Luvvy

    Looks like I will be a full-fledged Apple user in 3 years.