Microsoft Says That It Is Not Giving Up On Windows RT

Microsoft Says That It Is Not Giving Up On Windows RT

Despite what the rumor mill would like you to believe, it seems that Microsoft has no plans to give up on the Windows RT platform, not after all the work it has done to make its ARM strategy a reality.

Even though Redmond is yet to provide any concrete sales figures for any of it Surface tablets, yet, it is trying to expand the retail reach of the slates by bringing both devices in various important markets around the globe.

Nevertheless, bleak analyst estimates aside, the Surface RT is at least a moderately successful product selling in the millions. And it is only going to getter better with time.

This is very much the gist of what Microsoft recently said. In an interview with CNET, Redmond’s corporate VP shared the company’s long-term goals for Windows RT, saying:

“It was a ton of work for us, and we didn’t do the work and endure the disruption for any reason other than the fact that there’s a strategy there that just gets stronger over time.”

The corporate vice president further made it clear that ARM based processors are superior to Intel chips for devices connected to 3G/4G connections — as in tablets and smartphones. And this is something Microsoft is ready to explore and expand in the coming months.

In fact, Surface RT in many cases offers twice the battery performance of the Surface Pro.

Still the lack of support for legacy Windows application is one of the biggest threats to Windows RT, with several manufacturers expressing their concerns in designing new products carrying the RT badge.

With this in mind, it is not too much expect Microsoft ultimately allowing the ability for Windows RT machine to run easily-signed (if not unsigned) applications, paving way for developers to recompile applications for Microsoft’s ARM platform.

What the future holds for Windows RT remains to be seen, but at the present, Microsoft is more than willing to pull all its weight to help the platform succeed. And that can never be a bad thing.

  • Jeffrey Chard

    The only desktop Rt application I Need and that I would use is Outlook.

    I am looking forward to a commercial strength adobe pdf reader metro app, but not on the desktop.

  • sayemchiful

    I own an surface RT and must say that i dont miss my ipad at all! As always with both RT and Windows Mobile platform are missing some great apps and if they dont fix that soon Iam switching back to Apple!

    • WillyThePooh

      I am waiting for the price drop, more mature apps before I dump my iPad and go for a winRT. I am pretty tired of the unfriendly file structure of iPad.

  • Ahmed Eltawil

    Once Microsoft gets Office on the modern interface I hope they end up removing Desktop from Windows RT since Office is the only program you can run in Desktop on RT and it confuses consumers to think it’s a full Windows experience. On top of that, they need to rebrand it to something else other than “RT”. It absolutely makes no sense to the shopper.

  • Turismon

    Microsoft need to ditch RT and put Atom’s into their Surface tablet and be done with it, they are fighting a losing battle now with ARM unless the price difference is so much different to keep the RT out, but I highly doubt it because you can get a 32GB Thinkpad Tablet too for 500, and it is better in every way over a RT other than the built in case/stand/keyboard the surface has. They really need to just go with an Atom and then they have something, ditch RT. My Atom Thinkpad, outlast ARM/RT in battery now and can do everything the RT/ARM can’t. It’s great.