You might have heard that there have been some rebooting complaints brought against Windows Phone 8. The problem is that devices are randomly shutting off and restarting without any interaction directly from the end-user.

This isn’t happening often, but even every once in a while is a bit too much.

The good news is that Microsoft has now managed to mention that they are in fact looking into the solution. The response from Microsoft came when ZDNet’s Mary Jo Foley used her contacts to reach out to Microsoft officials.

Unfortunately, Microsoft doesn’t directly mention what they are doing to resolve the issue, or how long it will take to bring a fix. It is worth noting that the problem has been seen both with HTC and Nokia hardware. Most of the rebooting occurs with the HTC 8X, though.

That said, Nokia Lumia 920 users are experiencing problems with battery life and potential bricking when they try to hard-reset their phones.

Some of this is easy enough to fix with software updates that better optimize Windows Phone 8, I’d wager. That said, as mentioned yesterday, it is important that Microsoft gets this under control.

Windows Phone 8 has the potential to truly take off and reach a level of popularity that Windows Phone 7 was never able to achieve.

Honestly, I’ve been against the idea of a Surface phone. I like Nokia handsets. I like HTC, too.

The problem is that these early issues might paint Microsoft Windows Phone 8 as a glitchy mess, and so bringing in their own solid Surface tablet might be a good way to ensure customers they are dedicated to the new OS and want to bring the best hardware to the market that they can.

Have you switched to Windows Phone 8? If so, have you noticed any of the claimed problems or is the media blowing this up to be something bigger than it truly is?

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  • Ryan

    No problems with my Lumia 920 just yet. It’s awesome.

  • Jeremiah Dupree

    I plan on getting one once my contract is up in February. I really like what they’ve done with the new Windows 8 phones.

  • Bill Kimsey

    They should also looking to why my Nokia Lumia 920 freezes up at lease one a day. It’s starting to piss me off.

  • Mark

    How long has the Windows 8 phone been having issues? I was also considering getting one once my contract is up. I use my phone a lot for business and cannot afford to have it randomly rebooting on my if I’m on a business call.