Is Microsoft Having Second Thoughts About Office On iOS And Android?

Redmond has a thing going with the full version of its Office productivity suite on its Surface lineup of tablets and other Windows powered slates. Office 365 clients are also available on competing mobile platforms, namely iOS and Android.

Talks of full versions for the latter two platforms have been going on for years now. Former CEO Steve Ballmer even confirmed last year that the company was developing iOS and Android versions.

Now, it appears, that company might be having second thoughts on this.

According to this report, Tami Reller, Microsoft executive vice president of marketing spoke at the Goldman Sachs Technology & Internet Conference about how things are coming along with development of these dedicated versions for the two competing mobile platforms.

And she refused to provide any clear specifics on whether the suite is indeed headed for iOS and Android — not when, but whether, folks.

The senior executive gave a vague answer saying that such a decision depends on a number of factors.

Which is another way of saying that Microsoft is still considering the plans to launch the productivity suite on other platforms. Which is surprising in of itself as there have been reports the company is already developing Metro versions (Modern UI, touch based) of all the key Office applications.

This may actually be even more surprising for analysts that want the company to focus on enterprise software first and foremost instead of Windows.

Guess we will have more information on the company’s future strategy for Office in the coming months. Maybe towards the end of this year when the Metro Office is open for business.

  • Macpaul Emeka Ekwueme

    I say office 365 clients for thesep platforms is enough.keep the exclusivity for Windows devices. No matter how much people rantabout other alternative office apps, MS office is still the standard in the industry. Polaris office and Quick office, etc in android don’t just compare. Neither does iwork,