In news that would surprise no one we have the confirmation that Microsoft Security Essentials is the number one antivirus program in the world, at least when it comes to usage.

Research firm OPSWAT has just released its latest market share figures, and the numbers show that around 16.3 percent of users are running Security Essentials on their Windows powered computers. Which is a pretty neat figure when you consider the myriad of freeware security solutions available.

Speaking of which, the free Avast! Antivirus comes in second place with 13.2 percent. Another popular free alternative is Avira Free Antivirus, and this one has a market share of 5 percent.

As stated in the January 2014 report:

“Compared to past reports, a general decrease in occurrence of the top four products has resulted in a more even distribution of products in the current report. Overall, 15 products show more than two percent market share, and only 62% of all antivirus products detected fall into the top ten products. These results only include devices with RTP enabled.”

As the chart above shows, it’s a pretty messed up affair down at the bottom.

Windows Defender, the default security on Windows 8 computers protects 6.2 percent of computers. In any case, both these solutions are considered baseline security programs, and many users run them alongside their chosen security products.

With the looming retirement of Windows XP, Microsoft is set to remove the download links for Security Essentials in some 70 odd days — however the company will continue to release virus definition updates for the package until the middle of 2015.

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