Remember the whole SkyDrive deal? UK media provider Sky Broadcasting Group filed a case against Microsoft saying that the name of the cloud storage service infringed on its copyright.

Redmond settled the dispute back in September with a promise to change the name in due time.

Well, the due time seems like it is getting near. The moment is almost upon us, and the technology titan is now said to be looking into a new name for its popular cloud service. A few references have been spotted showing that things are moving forward on this front.

Microsoft watcher Paul Thurrott has found the ‘NewDrive’ designation online — and it surely looks like a placeholder for the refreshed final branding of SkyDrive, whatever that might end up being.

The software titan has a history of adding the word ‘New’ to its products and services as a placeholder until the official name is finalized. Back when the email service was in development, it was referred to as ‘NewMail’ in beta.

And while there is some noise that Microsoft may use NewDrive as the new name of its cloud storage service, chances of this happening are slim to none — not only is it generic, it sounds a bit absurd too.

But one thing is for sure. The SkyDrive rebranding is right around the corner.

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