Microsoft Selling Windows 8 In Australia For $420

The special launch promotional pricing for Windows 8 recently ended, but if you are thinking the regular cost for Microsoft’s latest operating system is bordering insanity, spare a moment for those in Australia.

Staring February 1, Windows 8 Pro upgrade is retailing for $199 — except the land down under, that is. Australian users can get the Pro version of Windows 8 for a nifty (and not so thrifty) price of $420.

Yes, that is $420 United States dollars, you guessed right.

While the Pro version of Windows 8 in Australia costs more than twice as much as its regular price, the standard vanilla flavor of Windows 8 retails for $149. Feels like a steal.

Something eerily similar also happened in 2009 when Windows 7 was released worldwide. Back then the regular upgrade retailed for 119.99 in the United States, but Aussie users had to fork $157.

Obviously, Microsoft is not the only company overcharging users in Australia (and other countries). Several other hardware and software vendors take these liberties due to the simple fact that they can.

In England, for example, technology companies are all too happy to replace the $ sign with the £ symbol, without changing the numbers at all. Not funny. But that’s just how things are.

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