We should have the financial details of Redmond’s FY2014 Q2 earnings in just a couple of days. The company has set January 23 as the date when it will reveal its preliminary earnings report for the final quarter of last year.

And once again, analysts expect another strong showing by the technology titan.

Microsoft is busy transforming itself into a devices and services firm, and buoyed by its cloud prowess, there is every chance that it will report big numbers. More proof that the next Microsoft CEO could have a cloud background? Take your pick.

But as this report notes, the company is on track for another impressive showing.

Not just that, it may very well provide more details on the CEO search by the end of the month, and let investors and the general public know how the quest to find a new leader is coming along.

Regardless of that, of primary interest would be sales and earnings of two of its leading operating platforms, Windows 8.1 and Windows Phone. The Bing and Xbox units also hold special interest, and many would be curious with how these two businesses are doing.

This may well be outgoing CEO Steve Ballmer’s final earning call, with recent rumors claiming that he, along with some of his fellow executives, could part ways with Microsoft once a new CEO is found.

We should have more details on everything come Thursday, January 23, 2014.

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  1. No matter people choose win7 or win8.1, money will still pour into MS pocket. So I don’t see a problem to their financial report. The only money loser probably is its surface tablet market.

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