Microsoft shares some more details on Windows Blue – Kind of

Very interesting news from ZDNet in an interview with Tami Reller, Chief Financial Officer of the Windows client division at Microsoft.

In an interview with Mary Jo Foley, she was careful not to give away too much but here are some of the salient tidbits.

  • The Windows team will share pricing, packaging and go-to-market details about Blue in the next couple of weeks.
  • Windows Blue is just a codename and the final name may or may not be Windows 8.1
  • No word on if there will be a consumer preview of Windows Blue or when…
  • Blue will “address customer feedback” on Windows 8 but no specifics
  • Blue, which will be available for both Intel and ARM-based PCs and tablets, will be tailored to work on smaller form-factor tablets and devices
  • No comment on whether Blue will be an annual occurrence at Microsoft

“Blue advances the Windows 8 vision,” said Reller. “It’s all about mobile, touch, apps, the new dev platform and a highly personalized personal experience.”

You can see Mary Jo’s article at ZDNET here.

What do you think of the non comment comments?

  • FJ Eichinger

    But will it be a free upgrade for those of us using Win8

    • MJ

      I would be SHOCKED if it wasn’t