Microsoft Shares More Windows 8, Windows Store Statistics

Facts and figures. They are everywhere! And Microsoft has a history with numbers. The company revealed some interesting statistics at the ongoing Mobile World Congress.

As things stand, Windows 8 has started to boost sales of touch enabled devices — in the United States, for instance, the figures are excitingly high.

According to Joe Belfiore, the VP of operating systems at Microsoft, no less than 40 percent of Windows 8 devices sold in the US are now touch capable, clearly showing that users are taking to these type of computers, whether tablets, notebooks, or even desktop PCs.

And by the same token, the Windows Store is also charting new success.

Redmond is now said to be serving more than 4 million downloads per day in the Windows Store, helped in no small amount by the higher quality of apps that have recently made their way to the fledgling apps repository.

Belfiore further confirmed that Microsoft had indeed sold 200 million Windows 8 licenses since launch, and while the figure is not better than Windows 7, it is not too far away either.

  • Aaditya Menon

    Charting success?? Well we cant see many android apps on W8.1…