If there is one thing Redmond is totally, totally tight lipped on, it’s the sales numbers of its Surface tablets. The company has floated around some figures in dollars, but concrete unit statistics are nowhere to be found.

Even the Microsoft By The Numbers website it launched earlier this week was mum on Surface, although it featured plenty of impressive statistics from across the Redmond Empire.

So then, in between write-downs, discounts and price drops, where exactly do the Surface numbers come in? IDC claims to have an answer.

The market research firm recently let lose its tablet shipment figures for Q2 2013, and Matt Rosoff of CITEworld was quick to note that Microsoft had actually dropped out of the list of top five OEMs that it occupied in the first quarter of the year.

He spoke with IDC’s Tom Mainelli, who shed some light on the situation.

The IDC researcher revealed that Microsoft had shipped 300,000 Surface tablets last quarter, while confirming that this figure includes both the Surface RT and the Pro version of the slate.

A breakdown of IDC’s figures by operating system shows that a total of 200,000 Windows RT tablets shipped during the quarter. Chances are that most of these were Surface RT, and even if they amounted to half, then the sales of Surface Pro probably came somewhere in the 200,000 range.

Market researchers have commented that the Surface Pro is actually selling a lot better than the RT.

Nevertheless, these figures predate the recent discount campaigns, including $150 off for the Surface RT and $100 on the Surface Pro. Word is that business has started to pick up for the Surface RT after this notable new discount, but more will be revealed on this matter soon.

What are your thoughts on these gloomy figures? Send them in!

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