It may be the world’s worst kept secret, but Microsoft is said to be working on new versions of its Office productivity suite for two of its most-popular competing platforms, iOS and Android.

The only catch is that these versions are not going to see daylight until 2014 — at least if we go by what sources close to the matter believe is the case.

But according to IDC, this expansion of Office should happen as soon as possible, and the technology titan should not wait until 2014. In fact, IDC analyst Tom Mainelli is of the view that Microsoft should stop promoting Windows and focus on these two large markets.

Talking to PC Pro, IDC’s research director for tablets said:

“Personally, I think Microsoft should be less worried about trying to prop up Windows and more focused on offering Office on every device under the sun.

A good, touch-first version of Office for iOS and Android would be a monster hit for the company, but so far it’s keeping Office off of those devices as a way to try to entice people onto Windows devices.”

The analyst’s reasoning for Microsoft to stop promoting Windows is that the operating system will soon increase its market penetration, but delaying the iOS and Android versions of Office could results in the company losing out on a significant increase in revenue.

Along with bringing Office to these two new mobile platforms, Microsoft is also said to be working on a Metro flavor of Office specifically aimed towards Windows 8 users — both on desktop and tablets.

No clear details have been provided yet, but more information should be heading our way as Redmond gears up to launch the new version of Office, codename Gemini, later this year.

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  • Peter Crook

    No they should not, as your previous story said another school has picked Windows RT due to it running Office, office is a great windows asset. Once windows tablets are established then perhaps they should consider it.

  • WillyThePooh

    If they did have iOS and Android version of Office, then they for sure will lose the tablet war. The potential market loss will be greater than the gain in office and it may further affect the market share of windows system.

  • Gilnuter

    No way! If apple users want to use office on their phone, they should buy a windows phone 😉