Hmmm, now where have I heard this before? Windows XP, the fan favorite classic, is not getting any more security updates, and this has been the case since April this year.

But the fact is that this operating system is still powering some 25% of computers worldwide, many of them government, business and industrial installations. It goes without saying that the security implications are enormous.

However, that is because Microsoft has not adopted the right approach.

According to a CIA expert, that is. The chief security officer of the CIA VC fund In-Q-Tel, Dan Geer, took the stage at Black Hat 2014 and explained that Redmond should make Windows XP open source in order to let developers implement and maintain their own security solutions.

Geer compared Windows XP to a car, property or child, saying that a person loses the rights to these when abandoned. Same should be the case with software.

Nice analogy, but it is downright impossible to see this happening. At least in the next couple of decades, considering Microsoft only recently released the source code of MS-DOS and Word for Windows. That is legacy software, while Windows XP is still fairly current.

Additionally, the retirement of Windows XP has also positively affected the PC hardware industry too.

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  • Mike Greenway

    What is his real motivation? What advantage would the CIA get from XP being open sourced? Does he want the worlds people to believe that the CIA is now their advocate? These gut is going to get slapped back hard from higher up, when did it become the CIA’s job to tell American companies how to operate?

  • Ray C

    That’s ridiculous. It would make more sense for Microsoft to write off a couple billion dollars to spend money replacing half these XP systems. The vast majority of these users, even in Enterprise, do not require XP. If they need an older version of IE, IE 8 works just fine in Win7, and honestly Enterprise and Compatibility mode work fine in IE 11 on Win8

  • WillyThePooh

    I wonder how CIA will hire such a brainless person as CSO.