Microsoft have continued to share a little more about their improvements to Windows 7 in the form of Windows 8.

This time, they are focusing on the task manager and the ability to handle multiple cores in a more intuitive manner.

They show the old Windows 7 Task Manager CPU performance tab on a system with 160 logical processors.

and the new Windows 8 Task Manager UI.

New Task Manager with 160 logical processors

New Task Manager with 160 logical processors

Of course with as many cpu’s as are shown, these would be features used for Server Admins.

It does however show how much Microsoft is thinking about changes in Windows 8 that will add value not only to the customer but to the Enterprise as well.

You can read the full post on the Microsoft development blog by Ryan Haveson, a group program manager on the User Experience team.

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  1. Yerachmiel Altman / October 30, 2011 at 7:50 pm /Reply

    how do us developer/testers get these new features.  Obviously if they are showing them and there are some blogs out there advertising availability of internal builds with new features, must be a way that we can get Microsoft to update us when these new features or apps or whatever are released!!

    Anyone know of a way to tell windows update to get ALL the new (beta) code??

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