Microsoft Showcases Skype For Windows 8.1 In New Video, Watch Here

Skype, the dominant VoIP platform from Microsoft has pretty much become a cornerstone of the company’s latest operating system. Redmond announced early on that it would be forgoing the default Messaging app in Windows 8 and making Skype the de facto.

The Skype app is now the default chap app in the latest and greatest version of Windows, and comes preinstalled on all copies of the new operating system — every single version, including the RT 8.1 builds that powers the company’s own Surface 2 tablet.

And while the Modern version of Skype was launched soon after Windows 8 saw daylight back in October 2012, Microsoft has implemented a number of significant changes to the app in Windows 8.1.

To showcase these new changes, Redmond has rolled out a new video, attached below:

Redmond has also brought support for Microsoft accounts in the newly updated Skype for Windows 8.1, thereby making it easier for users to log in and chat with friends using the same credentials that they use for their emails or SkyDrive accounts.

The application is obviously available as a separate download for both Windows 8 and 8.1 users from the Windows Store, so whichever flavor of Microsoft’s modern operating system you are currently on, Skype is just a click (or tap, for that matter) away.