A clone of Apple AirDrop works just as it is supposed to. Windows 10 is getting a Near Share feature, which will make it possible to easily share content between compatible devices in a matter of seconds.

The feature is currently available in the preview builds of the OS that are out now.

But a video posted on Twitter by Jen Gentleman of Microsoft shows how this shiny new addition to the operating system is going to work Near Share feature is going to work โ€” simply by using a Bluetooth connection to transfer the data.

That is to say, this is the main difference between AirDrop and Near Share, as the former technology requires a WiFi connection.

Microsoft may add support for WiFi in the near future, it must be noted. And this would basically expand the Near Share feature to more PCs and devices, particularly desktop computers that do not come with Bluetooth support built in.

Hereโ€™s the video.

This is certainly handy for users working in environments where they need to share files quickly with others. Itโ€™s pretty basic right now, but Microsoft is sure to add more refinements before the feature goes live for everyone in spring 2018.

The process itself is fairly straightforward.

Users can share URLs and files in a matter of few clicks, by going to the share icon and then choosing a nearby recipient. For people to receive the content, they will have to have Near Share enabled, of course, and will get a notification displayed to authorize the file transfer.

Once the transfer is complete, receivers will also get the ability to launch and open the file.

Near Share is currently limited to PC to PC transfers, but the software titan is apparently thinking about expanding this feature to phones as well โ€” at least Android and Windows 10 Mobile powered devices.

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  1. anyone know what security is around this feature, so people cannot “share” viruses or mal-ware in a crowded starbucks or web cafe, that can then auto send “back” financial and password files from the original computer?

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