Windows Blue is going to revolutionize fingerprint support on computing devices, at least on the software side of things, and Microsoft seems keen to showcase this new feature of its upcoming OS.

The company used the TechEd conference to show some of the features of this option.

In a video posted by WinBeta, Microsoft’s Chris Hallum can be heard saying that fingerprint authentication is, well, super-fast. Here take a look at the video below, which actually shows the Windows 8.1 device screen.

Additionally, Hallum confirms that the new fingerprint support allows users to not only lock down the computer itself but also features of the operating system along with installed apps.

As I said before on fingerprint support — if you are going to do something, it pays to do it right.

The fingerprint authentication support will add a brand new layer of security, one that will be completely integrated within the operating system. Users, for example, will have the option to protect the “Sell all shares” option of the stocks app thereby making sure no one else have access to it.

Obviously, this new feature will have to be picked up by hardware vendors and tablet makers on the hardware front and there is strong chance that we will see it supported on several devices from now on.

This new security enhancement is expected to be available in the preview build of Windows 8.1 that is on target to be released later this month at the BUILD developer conference.

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