IT research organization, comScore, Inc. just released survey data about the U.S. mobile phone industry from the three months ending in October 2012.

The study surveyed more than 30,000 U.S. mobile subscribers and the caveat here is that most of the data comes prior to the release of Widows Phone 8 and associated smartphones.

In any case, there were few surprises. Samsung was the top handset manufacturer overall with 26.3% of the market – a gain of 0.7% over the prior quarter. Apple swept past LG to second place with 17.8% of the market – with the biggest gain of 1.5% over the prior quarter.

In next 3 positions were LG, Motorola and HTC, with market shares of 17.6%, 11.0%, and 6.0% respectively.

In regard to OSs, Google Android led smartphone platforms with 53.6% of subscribers, while Apple managed 34.3%. The next 3 positions were held by RIM, Microsoft and Symbian, with market shares of 7.8%, 3.2%, and 0.6% respectively.

Microsoft’s share of the market actually declined from the previous quarter, where it was 3.6%.  Comscore’s next quarter’s report will give us a good indicator as to how well Windows Phone 8 is doing as well as the various OEMs selling smartphones that run the OS.

Given the current state of the market, it will be a very tough market to crack for Microsoft – especially starting from 3.2% and two formidable market leaders.

However, this is a battle Redmond feels they have to fight regardless. What do you give for Windows Phone 8’s chances?

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