Microsoft Smartwatch Is Actually A Fitness Wristband, Very Affordable

That Microsoft is working on a smartwatch of sorts is no secret. What is, is the type and form factor of this upcoming Windows powered wearable. Some new details aim to set the record straight.

While many believe that the smartwatch Microsoft is working on is being designed to compete against similar devices from the likes of Google, Samsung and Apple, Paul Thurrott is claiming that it might actually be quite a bit different than what we are expecting.

The regular Microsoft watched revealed that this upcoming device is not a smartwatch per se β€” but actually a fitness wristband with a number of sensors to help users that exercise.

For instance, they can keep an eye on heart rate, burned calories, and all that.

Word is that the device monitors heart rate continuously during the day and night, which could prove to be really useful for people that are trying to diagnose some specific heart problems.

Interestingly, patent images that leaked a couple of months ago confirm the wristband design, as you can see above, so there might be some truth to this new report, after all. Another important feature would be cross platform compatibility with Android and iOS devices.

Something like this is sure to help Microsoft target a wider segment of consumers.

The above report also indicates that this Windows powered smartwatch would retail at around the same price that Samsung Gear Fit sells for β€” which is $199.

Launch, it is said, is set for October.

  • Ray C

    Good move. Take it one step at a time. No need to try to hit a home run on the first at bed. Just get a good product out there, and you can worry about other wearables after that

  • Rodney Longoria

    Interesting. I use their HealthVault app for my medical needs (tracking vitals, etc.), and it would be great if they could sync this with that remotely. Heck, make it tie in as a medical alert band as well. Why not? No one else is doing that, that I know of. Also, add a 911 alert system why you’re at it?

    Hmmm… me thinks I just came up with an app idea here. Heh! Surely, there will be (or should be) room for developers with this device β€” especially with the Universal Apps feature in Visual Studio. Yeah baby!