No wonder they termed wearables the next frontier in computing. Microsoft moves forward with its plans to launch a smartwatch this year, and it now seems the gadget might arrive with some innovative new technologies.

Or, rather, groundbreaking new technologies.

This new report cites a Microsoft source, along with people close to the matter that this upcoming smartwatch could even come with equipment that could help prevent skin cancer.

It goes like so — a UV index sensor is installed in this gizmo that will warn the wearer every time the ultraviolet radiation generated by sunlight reaches harmful levels. The primary goal, obviously, is to prevent against the risks of skin cancer.

But there are several other secondary goals too.

These include a blood glucose monitor for those suffering from diabetes, as well as the usual fitness tracking thingamajigs and doohickeys. The device is shaping up to be a very capable fitness accessory, as opposed to say a smartwatch that handles notifications and other communication tasks.

In this sense, this new report ties into previous ones that claim that Microsoft’s smartwatch comes with a bucketload of sensors and looks like a wristband.

Estimated release target, according to the above report is still towards the end of the year. Which means the wait of just a few more months, if all goes according to plan.

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  1. IF this true, then obviously it’s big for Microsoft and their Smartwatch. A huge selling and marketing point for them. However, how can this be proved when there’s no significant history to back it up?

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