Microsoft Solitaire Sound Not Working On Some Windows 8.1 Preview PCs

Multimedia issues are not always the easiest ones to fix, and Windows 8.1 Preview has had a few of them already reported. The latest one concerns audio in Metro apps, specifically Solitaire Challenge.

Microsoft’s in-house developed game is no longer playing most sounds after the public preview version of the operating system was deployed, according to some posts on the company’s official forums. In fact, the app is only playing one single sound, that of cards being dealt.

One user explained the problem in detail:

“The sound bugs appear confined to Microsoft Solitaire Challenge. I tried uninstalling and reinstalling the game but the problems persist. The sound of cards being dealt is the only sound that’s present during the game. I also tried the troubleshooter but that didn’t work. Thanks for your help with this!”

No workaround is available for the time being.

But seeing that this is not a particularly severe problem, Microsoft will most probably try and fix it either via an upcoming patch or in the final RTM version of the operating system next month. Windows 8.1 is on track to hit RTM status in August, as the software titan itself confirmed last week.

The first ever upgrade to Windows 8 is already packing in a host of new enhancements, while bringing back a couple of familiar features like the Start button.

  • Ned Noodleman

    I’m running the 8.1 RTM and the issue is still there with the Solitaire Collection. This is on a clean install.