It goes without saying that things are not going exactly as planned for Windows RT, Microsoft’s newest operating system tailor made for tablets and devices that are powered by ARM chips.

But the fanfare that followed the announcement of Windows on ARM has not quite translated to sales numbers. Various reports have confirmed disappoint sales, which in turn has led to a number of large hardware vendors walking out on the platform.

From Samsung to Asus, multiple companies are either playing the waiting game, or have outright announced their plans to abandon the RT platform and shift focus to the full version of Windows 8.

Microsoft, however, still seems very keen to continue development of Windows RT, and the company has even promised to release even more ARM based devices in the months to come.

A Redmond spokesperson, in a short interview with CNET confirmed that despite the fact that some other manufactures have abandoned the platform, Microsoft plans to stand behind Windows RT and is already working with a few partners to bring new ARM units to the market:

“Windows remains committed to the ARM platform. We are looking forward to new ARM-based Windows devices that will launch later this year.”

While Redmond has not talked too much about the future of ARM, the technology titan is said to be collaborating with both NVIDIA and Qualcomm on new second generation Surface units, which should be here by the holiday season.

Microsoft appears to be working towards making the new Surface RT slates not only more advanced than the one currently available, but also a lot more affordable.

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  1. Why abandon. They just need to streamline it. I just don’t get how people don’t see value in a tablet only device. Not everyone that wants a tablet needs the features of full Windows 8. Microsoft just needs to stay the course and just keep improving Windows RT.

    • I agree. I like to see RT with office on metro and no desktop at all.

      • Rodney Longoria / August 13, 2013 at 9:46 am /Reply

        I totally agree with both of you, Ray and Mike.

      • There has to be some space put between Windows RT and Windows 8. At some point outside of installing your old applications from Windows 7 people are going to ask “why do I need Pro if they’re doing or improving all these things in RT.” As a matter of fact I’m trying to figure out the long term strategy. I think the desktop will eventually fade away in both or will only be there as an option like the command prompt. Once the desktop is not a part of either, at what point do you no longer need two different OS?

  2. Thank you Microsoft. We need a mature ARM OS and an app support for the future because that is the direction we are heading or should be heading into. ARM makes it possible for our PC’s to be thinner, much more portable, more energy efficient while at the same time becoming more and more powerful as of late. In time it will compete with the mainstream cpu’s.

    Windows RT has room for growth but do not abandon it. The desktop desperately needs a “modern” overhaul where it is as intuitive with a touch as it is with a mouse.

    My own experience with Surface RT has been sheer joy compared to what I had gone through with that of Asus Prime (TF201) which can be summed up in one word – Frustrating!

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