Digital currencies still are a volatile preposition, but they are slowly gaining mainstream status. Microsoft has joined the party, and now accepts Bitcoins for its digital stores.

Users in the US can now use this crypto currency to pay for games, apps and other content.

The software titan rather silently added support for this payment method, with the option now appearing in Windows, Windows Phone and Xbox stores. Users can simply add new funds to their accounts this way, and buy apps and games.

Direct purchases via this currency are not yet available.

Probably why Microsoft did not make an official announcement in this regard.

Bitcoins that are added to accounts in this fashion are automatically converted to real money, which can then be used to make digital purchases. Well, real money is a bit of a paradox here — it’s all digital, with nothing physical.

Having said that, there is no confirmation whether this is simply an experiment that Microsoft is conducting, or whether the company actually plans to roll out this feature for everyone.

Bitcoins, for all their hype, are still an unproven form of currency.

You can check out the details on how to add funds with Bitcoin here on the FAQ page on Microsoft’s official website. Do keep in mind that there are no refunds with this particular method.

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