With the important holiday shopping season very much underway, a new Surface Pro 3 ad has kick started the year-end marketing drive for Microsoft. And it’s full of warm, fuzzy feelings.

Whatever saves us from computer generated imagery combined with dubstep, I say!

This new commercial for the company’s flagship slate is high on the homely, wintery feel — though it also comes with a fair amount of singing and some tongue-in-cheek swagger to make for a rather blustery viewing experience.

See for yourself, the video is attached below:


The clip is appropriately named, though, Winter Wonderland.

But it’s a rather short affair, at exactly 30 seconds, meaning you can be sure that it will be gracing televisions screens the world over as we move into the heart of the season.

And like a lot of Surface Pro 3 commercials before this one, Microsoft boldly compares the tablet with the Apple MacBook Air, showing off the pen support, the kickstand, the USB ports and the keyboard cover. The idea being to highlight that this Surface excels as both a laptop and a tablet.

Expect more such holiday-themed commercials from Redmond in the coming weeks.

With an Intel Broadwell powered Surface Pro 4 expected next year, the company would want to move as many units as possible this season.

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