That is to say, not all fonts published on the Microsoft Store are free, and Windows 10 users will need to pay to download and install some of them.

Which isn’t entirely unexpected, come to think of it.

Redmond is moving in quick with its Windows as a Service approach. And this strategy does give rise to some aggressive moves like forced installs, ads in the operating system, and now premium content that otherwise could have been free.

The recently renamed Microsoft Store already houses premium themes for the OS, and now the company has also published some fonts on the repository.

As discovered by a German website, the software titan is selling some of the fonts, including Segoe Marker, which you can see in the screenshot below:

Store Font Segoe Marker


While it’s hard to believe Microsoft would make much money out of the fonts that are sold on the Store, ultimately it is a good thing for the platform. Offering a safe and secure way of purchasing premium fonts without having to leave the Store has its advantages.

Plus, the company can, in the future, bring more third-party fonts from designers and companies that create them, and provide users with more choices.

Of course, hardcore fans may not approve of this, thinking that fonts should be free if someone has purchased a copy of Windows 10. But still, the upside is that the more avenues for users to purchase stuff, the better it is for an ecosystem.

And that’s exactly what Microsoft needs to do to make its ecosystem thrive.

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