Microsoft Starts Testing Full Screen Ads In Windows 8.1 Search Results

Windows 8.1 comes with a totally revamped search featured, backed up by Bing. It allows users the ability to search for both locally stored files and the web, straight from within the Metro UI.

And now Microsoft is ready to take this Bing Smart Search concept one step further.

Redmond plans to update it with what it is calling Hero Ads (really?), a new platform that advertisers can use to display full-screen advertisements to users searching the Internet with Windows 8.1. Essentially, users of the new operating system will be provided with a bold new ad experience.

The Verge is reporting that Microsoft has showcased the new service at an event on campus, with the Bing Ads team using a Ranger Rover advertisement for demonstration.

Users get a full-screen interactive ad that also offers a number of tools that provide them with several options to look for more information or get more details for the advertised product. The ad above, for example, highlights a number of these options.

As can be seen form the image above, users can request a quote, or schedule a test drive, locate a dealer and find out pricing details of the various models of the car.

For all intents and purposes, Microsoft has taken the classic concept of advertisements and turned them into something that is more of an application of sorts — one that is optimized for touch and aimed at all users of the Modern UI.

However, the company would do well to take care not to place these ads on too many search result pages or keywords. What do you guys think?

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