Microsoft Still Has Not Fixed The Surface Wi-Fi Issues

That heart sinking feeling when you get to know something that you did not want to know.

Here’s the lowdown.

Microsoft’s monthly update cycle known as Patch Tuesday, went live a couple of days back (December 11, for those keeping count). It brought with it a whole bunch of updates, seven in fact, fixing no less than twelve vulnerabilities in Internet Explorer, Word, Windows itself as well as Windows Server.

The company recommended users to deploy all updates as soon as possible.

Most expected the Redmond tech giant to fix the Surface Wi-Fi connectivity bug in this Patch Tuesday, an issues that has been bugging countless owners of the Surface RT tablet.

Due to what is citied as a software bug, a lot of Surface owners experience limited Wi-Fi connectivity, or in some cases no connectivity at all.

While, Microsoft had been tight-lipped on the subject, however a forum moderator over at Microsoft Answers did say in a post that this Patch Tuesday update provides a few improvements for Surface RT, including increased Surface Wi-Fi reliability and connectivity.

Apparently, that is not the case. Several users are still experience problems even after applying the updates. A couple of posts on the thread seem to confirm this:

“I updated and got the limited connectivity issue right away! The problem is definitively not fixed”.

“Well, did not fixed the limited connection for me… Back to square one. How disappointing!”


A few unofficial tweaks have surfaced, promising temporary fixes, but it must be remembered not everyone is technical (or comfortable) enough to try them.

But this really should have been given more attention and priority by Microsoft. It is in no position to garner more negative publicity for its Surface line of tablets.

Particularly for early adapters — particularly for, what seems, a trivial software bug.