Microsoft may have made official many of the details surrounding the anticipated Windows 8.1, and even announced earlier this week that the operating system had reached the RTM milestone.

But although we already know that Windows 8.1 is set to debut on October 18, all eyes are on other important details, like any last minute feature additions and, of course, final pricing information.

Windows 8 users will, obviously, be able to move to Windows 8.1 free of cost — simply by installing the upgrade directly from the Windows Store. But users (and businesses) who plan to migrate from an older version of Windows are wondering the kind of pricing scheme Microsoft will put forward.

And considering a rather large Windows XP user base is preparing to migrate to a newer version of Windows, and this little detail becomes even more important.

Just as Mary Jo Foley of ZDNet notes, Microsoft remains tight-lipped on this particular information, and what sort of prices it has in mind for the retail flavor of Windows 8.1 that is set to launch worldwide on the fine morning of October 18.

In any case expect either a press release or blog post straight from Redmond before the operating system reaches general availability that sheds light on these vital details.

There is a chance that the company may put up some special promotional prices at launch.

But then again, Microsoft may even keep the existing pricing scheme, requiring users to first upgrade to Windows 8 and only then deploy Windows 8.1 from the Store.

However, if some separate special offers for users that directly want to install the latest version of Windows are announced, we will definitely find out about them well ahead of release day.

In the meantime, share your thoughts on what the ideal retail pricing of Windows 8.1 should be for users that are upgrading from Windows XP, Vista or 7.

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  1. Rodney Longoria / August 28, 2013 at 10:51 am /Reply

    They should sell Windows 8.1 at cost (plus S&H), if for no other reason than to get more folks on-board once and for all. It would be a goodwill gesture and a public-relations coup, for sure.

  2. What on earth? Windows 8.1 is a service pack for Windows 8, it’s price is free and that has always been the case.

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