Indecisions, indecisions. Microsoft recently confirmed that it will be keeping the Lumia brand for its future handsets, but the company is not as sure as far as the Nokia brand name is concerned.

This is, in part, fueled by the fact that the Finnish company has just launched its Android powered line of devices that are about to hit the market as Nokia X.

Still, while the Finnish company will retain the Nokia name, Redmond will get access to it as part of a licensing agreement for a period of ten years. In simpler terms, Microsoft is free to use it on feature phones for the foreseeable future.

But as this report states, Redmond is yet to make any sort of a decision on whether it would use the Nokia brand at all. In fact, the Director of Windows Phone, Greg Sullivan, declined to confirm whether the brand will survive or not.

Obviously, the situation around the globe is not helping matters one bit.

There are some markets where Lumia is the name people most associate with when it comes to the company’s smartphones. In other places, Nokia feature phones rule the roost.

Things are further complicated by the fact that Microsoft can only use the Nokia branding on feature phones for the next ten years, and not smartphones, which I guess is playing the biggest part in this interesting little indecision.

In any case, we ought to have more hints on this by the time the deal closes.

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  1. As MS only own the Nokia brand name for 10 years, there is really no point for MS to keep the name afloat and give up after 10 years.

  2. I really don’t see what there is to consider. People buy phone brands and phone names. Most people don’t know the difference between versions of iOs or Android. They just know they’re getting an iPhone or a Galaxy. Yes, they have a little understanding of OSes, but people are more brand-loyal than anything. Nokia still has a well-known name

  3. Don’t kill anything . Let Everything remain as it is…

  4. I’m guessing Stephen Elop, who will soon be leading the show at Microsoft, and his transition team has given some thought to the branding matter these last few months. No way this is a undecided matter, it is material to the value placed on the acquistion and more importantly their future success.

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