Microsoft Store Locations Are Reportedly Receiving Surface 2 With LTE Tablets

Microsoft Store Locations Are Reportedly Receiving Surface 2 With LTE Tablets

Well played, Microsoft. The company has had to go through a number of supply issues with the original Surface RT and Surface Pro launches, but it sounds like they have learnt the trick now.

There is word that the company has started shipping Surface 2 with LTE tablets to Microsoft Store locations. The tablet was first promised back in September 2013, with company officials hoping for a launch in the first few months of this year.

And although a recent FCC filing revealed the details, the abovementioned report states that the units are now arrive in the company’s official retail locations across the United States.

Apparently, they even have photos to prove that the tablets have arrived — though they are not posted owing to (what they call) their sensitive nature.

Sensitive nature, you say? Ridiculous!

Anyway, if you have been holding out for such a Surface device, there is not much new information to go with this particular report. We do know that AT&T will offer wireless support for Surface 2 LTE, but a price tag or concrete release date has not been mentioned.

However, with the BUILD 2014 developer conference scheduled for the very start of April, there is a fair chance Microsoft will officially announce these new slates by or before then.

  • WillyThePooh

    Someone may be interested to have LTE tablet but definitely not me. A smart phone is good enough.

  • Ray C

    A good move. A lot of people are looking for data on their tablets, especially with these low down carriers keeping people from Internet sharing. Still waiting on the smaller ones though