Missed out on Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals? Then Microsoft may just have an offer that you can’t refuse, albeit you will have to be incredibly swift to avail it.

From November 9 onwards, Redmond is bringing 12 consecutive days of some of the most amazing deals. The idea is to warm customers up for the big Christmas celebration. This special promotion kicks off Monday morning.

And Microsoft has a Dell Venue 8 Pro tablet waiting for you for just $99 a pop. Keeping in mind that the device normally retails for $299 regularly, this is an incredibly good deal whatever way you look at it.

But like most things in life, something this good usually has a catch or two.

The caveat here is that there are only 20 tablets available at this price in the 51 Microsoft Stores in the United States. After the initial batch is sold out, the next 10 slates can be purchased at $199. Some locations will have a higher count, but once these are sold out normalcy returns.

Price will then come back to the regular $299.

Interestingly, Microsoft’s online store is also offering this deal, though only 100 units will become available for ordering at the $99 price. Once these are snapped up, the price will increase to $199 for the rest of the day at the website.

So in all probability, trying to shop online appears to be the more advantageous route, unless you are feeling lucky and want to try your fortune at your local brick and mortar Microsoft Store.

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  • Ray C

    Cool deal. They need to do a $149 on Surface 1

  • Ray C

    I like these weekly deals though

  • Mike Greenway

    The experts and analysts don’t have much to say when it comes to something tangible, like the smart way to get one at this price.

  • WillyThePooh

    Isn’t it December 9 instead of November 9?