Hardware continues to be an important focus at Microsoft Stores these days. This doesn’t just mean the Microsoft Surface or Xbox 360 hardware, either. It seems that every single Windows Phone 8 handset that will be available in the US will be sold through 65 Microsoft Stores.

This update comes from a tweet by the highly trusted and respected Windows 8 guru, Paul Thurrott. While it is good to get this kind of confirmation, it really isn’t that surprising.

Windows Phone 8 has more of a chance of truly being embraced than any smartphone version of Windows before it and execution is going to be key here.

Sure, having Windows 8 integration and support really helps— but pushing great hardware through carriers and in their own stores is what will really win people over.

Not to mention going after the latest and greatest apps, which is something they seem to be doing right with Windows Phone 8.

While it remains unlikely that Windows Phone 8 will destroy its major competition overnight, it certainly has a huge opportunity to rise above other 3rd place contenders like Blackberry for good.

After all, you have to start somewhere and solidifying 3rd place is as good of a place as any. From there? It will depend largely on how well the public receives the “new Microsoft” that we are seeing with the debut of the Surface, Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8.

One thing is certain, Microsoft going forward truly does seem like a whole different animal than the Microsoft we’ve known and loved/hated since as early as we can remember. Microsoft’s future is certainly unwritten going forward and I’m quite curious and excited to go along for the ride. What do you think?

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  1. Having been a Windows Mobile (WM5) user for the last 6 years, I look forward to a new device with the Windows Phone 8 operating system. During the pre-release of Windows 8 I spent a lot of time with the new operating system and have to say that I’m excited by it. It Win8 proves to be as solid and stable as Win7, I think the new look will attract a lot of new customers; especially if the sync between the Phone and the PC is robust.

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