Microsoft Studios Busy Bringing A Beloved Franchise To Windows 8

A lot has been said about Microsoft and PC gaming, and not all of it is positive. But now the company wants to return to its roots. It’s PC gaming roots, that is.

Whatever the reason for this change of heart — whether it is the release of Windows 8 or the fact that Xbox One is now finally out in the open — PC gamers will get a chance to revisit some of their beloved classic titles that Microsoft Studios released back in the golden days.

A job posting that caught the eyes of IGN shows an employment position for a senior software development engineer for Microsoft Studios.

The project, it appears, involves a robust and highly scalable cloud service that is central to the game. Phil Spence of Microsoft Game Studios recently confirmed that the company is starting to look at bigger and core gamer things for the PC platform.

It is a bit too early to assess what exactly this new PC project is about.

But it seems it could be a hint at Fable Legends coming to Windows 8 — this popular game from Lionhead is due out on the Xbox One in 2014, and has a lot of cloud in its DNA.

We should find out soon, either way.

  • Dominico-James Black Eagle Hod

    About time. They need some hardcore games there and decent multiplayer in windows 8. A good Steam competitor. Tied into the Xbox ecosystem.