Microsoft Surface 2 Tablet – perfect for college students? Videos

Microsoft have released some promotional videos showing the Microsoft Surface 2 tablet being used by students.

The videos are pretty interesting..

What do you think?

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  • Ray C

    It is perfect for college students. It’s a great tablet. But remember it is an investment. There may be some apps missing as compared to other platforms, but many have been announced, and we know some others are soon on the way.

  • Robert Trance

    I’m not a college student, but using since short ago my Surface 2 (64 Gbyte, Touch Cover cyan), which i could order within my country from our Media Markt. Thank god they already had supplies from this new generation, as MS can ship them only in december, the 64 GB ones….I love that i got 200 GB extra SkyDrive for two years, love the free office, very useful, and the tablet is mindblowingly great! Of course, renewed my xbox Music pass….. :-))

  • Jordan Frey

    That’s literally me and is the reason I’m getting a Surface 2 next semester.