Microsoft Surface 32GB without cover temporarily sold out in UK and Canada

That was quick.

The Microsoft Stores in the UK and Canada are reporting that the 32GB version of the Surface (without the touch cover) is temporarily sold out.

Seems to be the most popular model.

If you think about it that makes sense. You can always buy the tablet and get the cover later if you’re liking it.

This raises a very interesting point.

It will be telling to find out what percentage of Surface buyers take it back before 30 days.

Source: UK Store, Canadian Store

  • 1stkorean

    my question is how many tablets did these stores have in inventory? if they only had a few well then Duh! of course they sold out…

  • Bolo

    I don’t understand why would they take them back, is there anything wrong with them that you are not sharing with us???

    • Onuora Amobi

      A lot of people buy to try and then return as soon as possible.

      • Bolo

        I know we all love to ha te MS, can we wait until we use the products then judge them on facts, unless if you are a prophet. If Surface is that bad lets keep quiet n let MS shoot it’self in the foot n we will all be happy with our Ipads, rather u give us facts n let us decide 4 ourselves.

  • Piotr Rewucki

    Some may not beware of incompatibility with… well, windows apps.