Microsoft Surface Centers coming to France, Germany, Australia and the UK

Interested in getting your hands on a Microsoft Surface in order to play with the new hardware and software found on the unique Microsoft tablet? Your wish might come true, if you happen to live close enough to make your way over to a “Surface Experience Center”.

The Experience centers will basically be a place that allows you a chance to get play with the Microsoft Surface in person. If you happen to live near an existing Microsoft Store in the U.S., this might not matter so much.

Where the Surface Experience Centers are going to matter most are in some of the other markets that don’t have access to Microsoft Stores. Currently only Australia, Germany, France and the UK seem to be getting these centers. Microsoft also says something similar is coming to the United States soon, which will likely just be an in-store testing area or something.

While we know that the centers are coming to four countries right away, we don’t know the exact locations that are being targeted. Have you had the opportunity to test out the Surface or Windows 8 yet? If not, are you just going to jump in headfirst or will you wait until you have the opportunity to try the new OS out in person?

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