Ever since word broke out that Microsoft was developing its very first in-house tablet, market watchers and industry analysts have been speculating just how it will fare against other heavyweights that are already out there.

While it is downright unfair to compare the Surface slates against the iPad (Apple’s slate does after all enjoy a much expanded global retail presence), other competing tablets are fair game.

Tablets like the 10-inch variant of Google Nexus, which has been on store shelves for a while now.

The 7-inch version of Nexus has enjoyed positive success, yes, but its bigger brother is in the column of devices that are attracting very few buyers.

The latest data unearthed by Benedict Evans and published by Forbes seems to indicate that Google sold only 680,000 Nexus 10 tablets since launch last year. While the corresponding figure for Microsoft comes in at 1.5 million units of Surface.

These figures obviously include the recently delivered Surface Pro — which itself is said to have moved well over 400,000 units. That leaves 1.1 million units of Surface RT sold since October 2012.

Obviously, Surface slates had to battle some of the disapproval surrounding the Windows 8 platform, coupled with sever supply shortages that lasted weeks or months in some cases. But on the whole Microsoft’s first foray into the tablet realm is outselling Nexus 10.

And this is, in more ways than one, an apples-to-apples comparison.

Now all we need are some 7 or 8 inch Surface tablets running the upgraded version of Microsoft’s platform, a few good apps, and things may very well change for the better before the year is out.

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  • damianklop

    I am not surprised. What I realize over the past 2 years is that the 7 inch tablet is now the true tablet while the 10 inch tablet is the pc replacement. And I am willing to do without certain features with a tablet but NOT with a pc replacement. Thus, I love my Nexus 7 despite it not having a usb port or sd card port.But I would NEVER get a Nexus 10 because at that price, with a screen bordering on a pc replacement and NO usb or sd card, I would demand something that could replace much of the functionality of a pc. Everytime I look at the Nexus 10 I think “that is nice but where is the usb and sd-card that comes with the Surface, Galaxy Tab, and almost EVERY cheapo 10 inch tablet?!”

  • WillyThePooh

    I won’t buy a tablet without USB or SD card expansion. My wife demanded an iPad. I bought it for her. Now, when she finds out I have a lot more apps in my win8 laptop, she wants to swap. Computers without storage expansion are useless.

    • Simon Tupper

      The ipad is beautiful but limited in many ways. Its the reason why I chose the surface. It offers more.

  • DCJason

    I just helped two clients purchase a Surface Pro this past weekend from a local Microsoft store. They came in with a preference for the Surface and after the helpful salesman showed him other manufacturers Window 8 options, they still chose the Surface. Then they learned about the telephone support, in-store classes support, Office 365, keyboard/case/protection/warranty package….well, they were overwhelmed with amazement. This is how shopping for a computer SHOULD be. They both had great experiences and I know my other clients will follow. With this quality of customer service, the Microsoft stores will do well.

  • Kevin A-Z

    Ya the problem with the surface and nexus is that it is such an awkward size and it basically an undersized PC. Nexus 7 is a much better size and is more portable.

  • Simon Tupper

    A lot more*