While we haven’t seen any official information from Microsoft on how well its Surface tablet is doing, we do know that it has already sold out of inventory on its base model. We also know that the Microsoft Store retail locations have had massive lines so far.

Does this mean the Surface is doing great or not? While we can connect the dots for ourselves and say yes, Phil Winslow of Credit Suisse has been advising its clients that they have been frequenting permanent Microsoft Stores and have come to conclude that foot traffic is steady and strong.

Another analyst from Pacific Crest has also surveyed various Microsoft Store locations and come to a similar conclusion that sales are hoping and that Microsoft is certainly doing well so far. With so many ads being pumped out, this really doesn’t surprise me either.

Again, we already knew that Microsoft Surface was doing well but it’s nice to see analysts chime in and let their clients know how much potential the Surface seems to have. Microsoft’s tablet might not be perfect, but it is pretty darn close in many ways. Windows 8 is also doing pretty well so far. Despite initial criticism, Windows 8, RT and even Windows Phone 8 are all starting to take off.

Don’t be surprised if this success continues full-swing. Windows 8 is going to be big. Even Windows Phone 8 has the potential to be a much bigger hit than Windows Phone 7 ever was.

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  • MSFT fan

    Microsoft ruled and will rule .. to hell with everything.. If I had enough money I would have bought all Microsoft products cuz they are all awesome..

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1617246570 Roland Douglas Bechtel

    Not just saying this. It took me twenty minutes and I was up and going. It is fast and slick and useful. I love the Bing news travel and sports apps and they set the bar high for everyone else to make even more cool apps. Yes I know it is IE10 in a blanket. Don’t care it is cool. Info is at my finger tips.

  • garak0410

    I am very happy with my Surface…

  • http://twitter.com/SDKevind Kevin Danker

    I want my Lumia 920!!! Nokia keeps teasing but when will it go on sale?

  • http://www.facebook.com/jshofner1 Jack C Shofner

    I went to Best Buy and checked out laptops and all-in-one units running Windows 8. First, there weren’t that many people checking out the computers. Second, the non-touch screen systems were not at all impressive. The Metro UI sucks with a mouse. I left unimpressed with Windows 8. I even tested it on all three betas before its official launch. I do not know why people have fallen in love with it. Windows 8 is psychotic.