Surface Pro 2 doctors

Microsoft Surface Pro 2 Tablet – perfect for companies? Videos

More promotional videos from Microsoft, this time showing off the Surface Pro 2 tablet.

They are showcasing the business features of the tablet and it seems like they have some pretty cool use cases.


  • Michael Paterson

    Great videos!

  • Ray C

    Great videos, but where are people going to see them? I remember a lot of the Surface videos and commercials from earlier this year. I only saw them in post on sites like this and when I did a search for Surface.

  • Ray C

    Also, it’s nice to have videos and commercials, but they need to go out in the real world more and do the same thing. I like the commercials where the person plays around with Windows or does a Bing search, but they need to get out around the country and have events where people play with Surface

  • Mike Greenway

    Again there is as mismatch between the headline and the body of the post.